Nourishing Body Cream "Retired Scents"

Botanically Beautiful

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 Paraben Free * Gluten Free * Soy Free * Vegan * Cruelty Free * Sulfate Free

 Available Only in 8 ounce.

 Nourishing Cream contains a synergistic blend of natural extracts and vitamins. This rich and creamy formulation helps prevent dry skin and protects the skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth and with a natural healthy appearance. With ingredients like Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Leaf, Vitamins B-5, C and E, and a Botanical Extract Blend of Sea Buckthorn, Green Tea, Carrot, Oat, and Avocado Extract, this ultra moisturizing cream is sheer luxury for the skin. It is preserved and scented with a Sulfate, Paraben free preservative and fragrance oil and/or Essential Oil, making this lotion as close to natural as you can get with out having to store it in the refrigerator. A small pea sized amount is all you need for your hands and no more then a quarter for full body. This is our number one selling product and personally my proudest creation.