Our Story


Botanically Beautiful is a family owned company that specializes in Artisan Soaps, Creams, Scrubs, and so much more, while using only the finest Plant Extracts, Herbs, Fragrances, Vitamins, and Essential Oils that money can buy. We boast a Full Face & Body Line to care for the Skin Your In and other products to just Treat Yourself when you need to Unwind.  All of our products are hand-made in small batches in order to maintain their potency, consistency and integrity. With all of our products we strive to offer a superior skin experience that is as natural as possible, with lots of pop.

We believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in it.  We use our products daily as do our children, friends, and family.


So how did we get to this point you ask?

My husband calls me a mad scientist. I love what I do and have spent years tweaking my recipes to bring products that everyone loves.  I started out making soap and concoctions to treat my own aging skin, and thru trial and error refined my recipes as I gradually introduced more and more skin healing products. My philosophy is, you need to hydrate your skin but never need to feel greasy, while being careful not to strip your skin of its natural moisture. Being the perfectionist I am, I am always striving to make my products better. The detail and the quality of our products always come first.

We look forward to you trying our products and giving a review so that other customers like you will understand what these products do for your skin and body and how your senses react while using our products.