Melissa Oil SPF 30 Lip Balm

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100% Natural - Melissa Oil Medicated

"Finally, an all natural lip balm that actually works and combines the healing benefits of 100% pure essential oils."

Our 100% natural lip balm comes infused with essential oils for added therapeutic benefits.  Soften lips while receiving the medicated benefits of Melissa oil. Melissa oil supports a healthy immune system, calms tension and nerves, as well as soothes occasional stomach discomfort. Melissa oil is also said to be "suitable for topical treatment of herpetic infections. We have also added Zinc Oxide to protect your lips from the harmful sun rays. 



1. Softens lips, heals and prevents cold sores and boosts immunity 

2. Fast absorbing with a non-greasy and non-sticky feel

3. Free of parabens, toxins, aluminum, propylene glycol, phthalates, and any other synthetic cancer causing ingredients

4. SPF 30 to protect lips